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Are You Getting the TA/Petro Maintenance Discount?

Aside from the great fuel discounts, NASTC members should also be taking full advantage of the TA/Petro maintenance discount program when getting (Tires, Oil Changes, PM's, Dot Inspections and Road Squad service). The process is very simple. NASTC has a built-in discount at all TA/Petro locations and the discounts are automatically printed at the end of each transaction and show up as a line item on the printed receipt. The only thing the driver must do is walk up to the register and give the name of his company and DOT #, if leased on to another company please just alert the cashier to use your member name and address. With this being a corporate discount program within the computer system it’s not uncommon for the folks at the desk to be unaware of the savings program until after the transaction is completed. The best thing about our program is that if, for some reason, you do not see your discount all you have to do is email NASTC your work order and we will have TA cut a check right away for the order that was missed. Below is a detailed list of discounts.

⦁    Road Squad labor discounts
⦁    Full Dot Inspections
⦁    New and Used Tire Discounts
⦁    Preventative Maintenance

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Out of an abundance of caution, and for the protection of our staff and the broader community, NASTC employees are working remotely. During these challenging times, all of us here at NASTC will continue to ensure that our members and prospective members still receive the highest quality of products and services.

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