Let NASTC Review Your Company’s CSA Scores

NASTC can take the headache out of filing your IRS Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290. Let us relieve you of this burden with our easy e-filing service. With NASTC’s 2290 Filing Program, we can assist you with the filing, or you have the option to file online yourself.

Your company information will be safe and protected using our secure IRS-authorized filing service. We will automatically save and store your fleet’s information all in one convenient location. Easy access will make it simple to modify the data as your fleet grows or changes.

We recommend that you prepare the filing now ahead of the July 1st date. An instant audit check will be performed before we submit it to the IRS to check for any errors that might cause your return to be rejected. E-sign right on your phone. No more faxing or waiting for signatures to be returned … and with a satisfactory filing, a stamped Schedule 1 will be returned to you in minutes.

Don’t wait to comply with this mandatory federal tax. Call us today at 800-264-8580 to save time and money with NASTC’s 2290 Filing Program.

Or go online at www.NASTC-2290.com and start filing TODAY!




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