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PJ Park - Credit Services Product Manager

TA/Petro Commercial Tire Network

Dear member,

NASTC and our collective membership represents TA/Petro’s largest account with our extraordinary Quality Plus Fuel Program (QPN). With their help and the assistance of our other QPN truck stop partners, we have effectively changed the competitive playing field for our small, full truckload carriers at the fuel island. We have quietly and incrementally brought about those same changes in the maintenance and tire purchasing arenas.

TA/Petro has just announced a very aggressive change in its approach to tires. Instead of being a great partner in overthe-road truck stop tire sales, they have become the nation’s largest dealership for several premium tire brands with a 243+ location network. That’s correct. You, as a NASTC member-company can now use the TA/Petro truck stop network as a viable one for ALL your tire purchases! In my view, this far surpasses any national account program that NASTC could have created within its existing truck tire and dealer affiliations. Specific details are included in the promotion piece included in this newsletter.

In conjunction with and in addition to the new and used tire capabilities, we now have the ability to expand this 243+ full facility network into a logistically convenient, nationwide, quasi-terminal network for a NASTC PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM. This should be a vast improvement for many of our companies who are forced to use truck dealers and/or tire dealers for their maintenance needs. Greater consistency, better record keeping, decreased downtime, and top-shelf maintenance expertise all come to mind.

David Owen,
President, NASTC

With the announcement of the new Commercial Tire Network program TA/ Petro is now the largest  ndependent commercial tire dealer in the United Sates. NASTC members will now be able to buy and order tires cheaper and easier than ever before. The new program consist of three pricing tiers which allow our members to save $20.00 off each of the top two tiers and $5.00 off the bottom tier with no $25.00 single tire fee.

Please call P.J. Park 800-264-8580 if you have any questions.


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Get Your Motor Carrier Trucking Authority & Learn How To Start A Trucking Company Today!

Call: 844.889.9229