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NEST - New Entrant Survival Training
Motor Carrier Trucking Authority

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies’ New Entrant Survival Training is designed to help those thinking of venturing into business for themselves or those veterans who are interested in revamping their business plan.  It is a sad truth in the transportation industry that small carriers often fall victim to harsh penalties because of their cataloged small size.

The failure rate of small, start-up trucking companies is staggering; a mere 15% will make it to the second year of operation.  NASTC’s goal is to improve that devastating statistic.

NASTC’s New Entrant Survival Training Program is successfully assisting graduates to turn those numbers around.

As our mission statement clearly details:

NASTC is dedicated to helping small companies control their costs through managed purchasing, analysis, consultation and advocacy. Our ultimate mission is to level the competitive playing field, allowing for our member companies to grow, prosper and remain a significant force in the transportation industry.

Since April 2008 NASTC has placed more emphasis on helping small companies survive in a competitive, large-fleet oriented industry.  As President of NASTC, David Owen has been quoted saying, “Since we specialize in small trucking companies, helping these new entrants survive and prosper is foremost in NASTC’s best interest. I truly believe that anyone who goes through one of our one-day courses will infinitely improve his chance of survival, his operating ratio, his bottom line, and his safety rating.”

Since the inception of the New Entrant Survival Training, NASTC has taken a proactive approach to helping start-up trucking companies find success within the industry, rededicating itself to the small “one-man-band” trucking company.  With the curriculum covered, NASTC can help you avoid “new company” mistakes, control growth, protect your SafeStat scores, and improve your bottom line during those extremely vulnerable first years.

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