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Driver longevity, Wellness and Fitness

Since the implementation of the drug testing rule for carriers under fifty power units in 1991, NASTC has lead the way as the solution of choice for small carriers. When alcohol testing was mandated in 1995 for carriers under 50 power units, NASTC was instrumental in making the rule more palatable for the very small with first BATT (Breath alcohol technician training) for breathalyzer use, and then STT training (Screening test technician) for the use of QED devices. We quickly became the largest purchaser of QED’s in the  nation and, I believe, remain so today. We have over 3,000 of our 6,200 membercompanies in our drug and alcohol testing program and once a company turns over this function to us, they never look elsewhere.

There are many reasons for this “stickiness” and I’ll list a few:
• Our program is totally buttoned upand all inclusive
• There are no annual fees
• There is no charge for collection and testing material
• We provide all necessary training and certification
• Screening test technician training (STT)
• Reasonable suspicion training (supervisory training)
• Drug collection training
• We provide a written company policy that satisfies the often misunderstood and over looked caveat in the regulations to provide counselling to your drivers on the abuse of alcohol and drugs.
• We provide 24-hour turn around on tests 99% of the time
• We satisfy all your blind sample requirements
• We maintain your statistical data
• We pull your randoms for you
• We provide real people in real time for you to talk to when there is a question
• We provide a consortium for companies with four drivers or less
• Our pricing of $35.00 per screen (billed through NASTC the month following the test) includes all materials, all shipping, all medical review officer costs, and all laboratory costs
• We’ve never been sued and not one of our companies is over the limbo bar on this BASIC in CSA due to a program deficiency. Usually when an auditor sees our logo on your drug testing material he simply moves on to something else.

To those companies in NASTC who are on our program, thank you! For those companies who aren’t, now would be a great time to evaluate your current
provider and process. We can make moving to our program seamless and easy.

NOTE: with random test requirements going from 50% to 25%, any of you who are paying an annual fee per driver should see a 30% to 40% decrease in costs. Since we charge by the test, we’ll be just billing out fewer tests per company this year.

Get Your Motor Carrier Trucking Authority & Learn How To Start A Trucking Company today!

Get Your Motor Carrier Trucking Authority & Learn How To Start A Trucking Company Today!

Call: 844.889.9229