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The Driver Portfolio

Also included in this new driver wellness program is a DRIVER PORTFOLIO that we have produced for the driver to have with him in the truck.

Dr. John McElligott has been our go-to consultant on both the apnea solution and the driver portfolio addition to our wellness program. He has been dealing with drivers on health issues for over forty years and is considered by many to be the most effective and knowledgeable resource in the industry. He has performed thousands of medical examinations and, through his work has saved many lives, extended the lives of many more and assisted thousands in their efforts to remain qualified to drive as they face the challenges of aging.

Dr. McElligott reiterated many times to his patients and to us the importance of a driver’s medical log that stays with the driver and is kept updated and current. This log not only helps the CME at medical qualification time but also could possibly save the driver's life if he’s incapacitated in an accident. The on-site emergency medical team will know exactly what they can or can’t do medically at the crash scene.

From this “best practices” suggestion from Dr. John, came our expanded idea for the driver’s portfolio, which we are now rolling out for all drivers registered in our program.

The medical log will be the center piece of the portfolio and it will include history, all current prescriptions, unique to the driver allergy information, and emergency phone numbers and e-mail addresses. It will also include a copy of our Medical Examiners Directory and a chain of custody form for a post accident drug screen. In addition there will be a step-by-step instruction prompt for the driver at an accident scene, that of course, can be customized by the driver’s company owner. It will have an obstructive sleep apnea section for the driver to keep all his apnea-related confidential information that would include compliance proof if the driver is using a C-PAP device.

Bringing such a portfolio full of pertinent information to a CME to get your medical card renewed will insure a prompt and successful visit most times, regardless of the CME.

This portfolio will be in a sturdy easy to use, three-ring binder with our logo on it and we’ll provide these for every driver at our cost of $7 .75 each. It will be the driver’s responsibility to keep it up-to-date and current.


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Get Your Motor Carrier Trucking Authority & Learn How To Start A Trucking Company Today!

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