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NASTC Fleet Sleep Apnea Program Update

NASTC Sleep Apnea Program

The vast majority of my calls for assistance continue to come from drivers with 25-30 years CDL driving experience and they have been given a 90-60 or even a 30 day temporary medical card and told to get a sleep study. The number of NASTC companies being proactive on this issue continues to grow and we are helping them help their drivers be proactive in advance of their DOT recertification. The NASTC Sleep Apnea Program is designed to provide confidential overnight pulse oximetry screens and if needed 3 channel confirmation testing with results communicated ONLY back to the driver. This program not only protects your driver’s rights with doctorpatient confidentially guaranteed, but also allows your company to provide a valuable service to your drivers while keeping an arm length distance in all transactions. If therapy is recommended, we can help out with therapy and driver compliance options and will work with your drivers to help them adjust to CPAP therapy if it is prescribed.

Give me or David Owen a call if you need any more information on the NASTC Sleep Apnea Program and would like to enroll in our fleet program. If you have a driver that is behind the 8 ball please have them give me a call and I can help him or her negotiate any hurdles that have been put in front of them on this issue.

Be sure to look for NASTC (Booth 24103) if you are attending the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX from August 27-29th. I will have a limited number of overnight screening tests and 3 channel confirmation tests available at our New Entrant Survival Class and also during the show dates. Please be sure to call me in advance so I can hold a testing unit for you or any of your employees. Stop by to renew old friendships or to introduce yourself to the NASTC staff working the show. I’m looking forward to helping you and your drivers with any sleep apnea issues that they may or may not have.


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