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NASTC’s Management & Safety Program (MSP) Not Just for “New Entrants”


NASTC’s Management and Safety Program has been in place now for seven years and we’ve enough trucks, drivers, and companies participating to truly evaluate the value of the program.

Some things we know for sure:

1. Members who are on our full-blown “bundled” programs are doing extremely well with CSA and new entrant audits.

2. Members who are on our fuel program are 6 percentage points, on average, better than members of like-size who are not.

3. Members who are on PrePass are likewise 6 percentage points better on average than members of like size who are not.

4. Members who use our drug and alcohol program administration have zero problems with that BASIC in CSA.

5. Insurance submissions that include our safety measures are more favorably viewed by underwriters.

NASTC’s Management & Safety Program Elements of the Program

1. Access to NASTC’s Quality Fuel Program (QPN):

•Enjoy deep discounts on over-the-road fuel purchases in 1100 full facility truck stops with “zero” transaction fees. Discounts will save a company $150.00 to $300.00 per truck in fuel costs per month.

•Allows small companies to consistently put their drivers in a better truck stop environment, i.e. cleaner showers, real food, pullthrough fuel lanes, paved and lighted parking, and fewer dents and dings. Will produce a cleaner, safer, and happier driver with a quality “home away from home.”

•Allows participation in NASTC’s “daily fuel hedge” which will alert drivers to buy before or after midnight and save an additional $50.00 to $175.00 per truck per month on fuel costs.Allows access to 24/7 real time fuel pricing data within the QPN Network and outside as well.

•Allows electronic fuel purchase data to flow to our fuel tax service which allows this function to cost pennies rather than dollars through MYSTC software.

2. Access to MYSTC Software:

•Take the “magical” MYSTC tour Visit, click on “DEMO”(needs sound enabled capability) (approximately 12 minutes)

•MYSTC is a well designed and developed program that is a portable ASP model that can be accessed from anywhere you have internet connectivity.

•All updates are accomplished real time and there are never any update charges.

•There are no up-front equipment requirements and you can use multiple computer stations.

•It is “single-entry” and all information goes throughout your system once entered.

•The daily “fuel hedge” is enabled through MYSTC and automatically alerts your drivers daily to buy before or after midnight to maximize fuel savings above and beyond your point of sale cost-plus discounts in The QPN Program.

•Provides real time point to point cost analysis for a given movement, i.e., Nashville to Topeka. Example: Based on today’s fuel, driver pay, fixed costs and variable costs, this trip will have a cost basis of $642.57.

•Connects to QuickBooks and Peachtree and will settle with drivers, invoice customers, and simplify all your accounting needs.

•Will provide hundreds of management reports for you to determine your costs per mile and profitability by load.

3. Compliance Oversight:

•Electronic logging using BigRoad mobile application or a complete log audit program with follow up letters to drivers concerning violations.

•Driver Qualification File maintenance and oversight.

4. Drug Testing:

•Your entire drug testing program needs will be handled with 100% compliance to the Federal Regulations.

•Features of our program (all inclusive in the bundled price):
a) Your written and published Company Policy (as required by the regulations)
b) Twenty-four hour turn around on all negative tests
c) All MRO services
d) All transportation costs
e) All drug screen costs, excluding collection site fees (Pre-employment*, random, post-accident, and for cause)
f) All blind sample costs
g) All statistical data
h) All random selections
i) All supplies and material
j) Over-sight to insure 100% compliance
* Pre-employment tests are covered up to two per driving position annually. Beyond this number, $35.00 per test will be billed.

5. Professional Driver’s Advantage A monthly package to each driver that includes the following driver benefits:

•Driver Plus Audio Magazine—A CD that includes a 12 to 20 minute safety program in addition to entertainment for drivers. Allows you to have an ONGOING SAFETY AND AWARENESS PROGRAM WITH ALL DRIVERS MONTHLY!

•PDA Driver—A 24/7 driver monitoring program that allows public scrutiny and reporting capability through NASTC back to the carrier.

•“Windshield Time” – a monthly newsletter for each driver that focuses on life over-theroad

•Occasional truck stop coupons and discounts

6. MVR’s for all drivers real time with monitoring once per quarter (400% more than required by federal regulations).

7. DriverCare—Pre-employment and quarterly on-line driver training for each driver with testing and certification for the driver’s file.

8. CSA Monitoring—Oversight and analysis of your CSA scores. This function will be performed when a company signs on and will then be performed every six months thereafter by our risk management expert.

We recently received an e-mail from a five truck company that had a pre-inspection audit by a retired FMCSA inspector who was “blown away” by our MSP2 program. He indicated that if he were giving a number score, he would rate our program a 100!

I know that many of you are thinking, “This is just David Owen trying to sell us something.” I admit, that is somewhat true. However, please consider this – we have been developing this full-blown risk-management program for 23 years and by using technology, we’ve finally made these programs very affordable and easy to implement.

The other great news is that as a NASTC member you can “unbundle” these programs and pick and choose the elements that you feel compliment your existing safety program. In our present “re-regulation” environment, you need to look closely at these options. Regardless of the presence or absence of “golden triangles” on CSA with your company, take the time to review these ideas with your safety director and/or your existing insurance provider. These ideas work.



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Get Your Motor Carrier Trucking Authority & Learn How To Start A Trucking Company Today!

Call: 844.889.9229